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Roger Almvik|04/01/2021

Welcome to the BVC blog ! 

In this section you will find news and updates on the Brøset Violence Checklist and other relevant information within the field of risk assessment and related issues.


Violence and aggressive behaviour  are serious work environment problems, which have negative consequences for both patients and staff. It is therefore of great importance to reduce both the number and the severity of these violent incidents to improve quality of care and reduce the use of coercion and coercive measures.

The Brøset Violence Checklist (BVC) is a checklist for assessing the risk for imminent violence. It was developed on the basis of the empirical work of Linaker and Busch-Iversen (1995) and then  developed and researched by staff at Brøset hospital in Norway alongside  extensive collaboration with international partners. The tool has been examined in  numerous international studies and is now one of the few violence risk tools  undergoing RCT studies.  Since 2015 it has been recommended by the NICE Guidelines in UK and the Danish Centre for Clinical Excellence as one of two best practice risk assessment tools. BVC is in clinical use in at least 45 countries, translated into a number of languages and is used in a variety of settings in and beyond mental health services

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Roger Almvik|04/01/2021