BVC in Emergency Room

Roger Almvik|26/01/2021

BVC in Emergency Departments

The emergency department (ED) is an intense, stressful work environment that plays a unique and critical role in the modern-day health-care system. The ability to evaluate and initiate treatment for unplanned medical emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, sets the ED apart from other medical facilities. The unplanned nature of patient attendance and challenges involving access to health care have led to emergency departments becoming a primary source of treatment for those with mental illnesses. A shortage of psychiatrists and inpatient psychiatric facilities often leave ED staff members ill-equipped to manage increasingly frequent behavioral emergencies (Serpa, 2021)

Ainslie Senz and colleagues from Melbourne, Australia, recently published an article in Emergency Medicine Australasia: Development, implementation and evaluation of a process to recognise and reduce aggression and violence in an Australian emergency department  (doi: 10.1111/1742-6723.13702) They developed and implemented a novel approach to recognition and response to occupational violence and aggression (OVA). It included routine use of the Brøset Violence Checklist for all ED patients integrated with a score‐based notification and response framework. Senz and colleagues concludes that "A process including routine OVA risk assessment and a notification and response framework reduced unplanned security events due to OVA and increased staff confidence in recognition and management of OVA"

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Roger Almvik|26/01/2021