New articles from ED settings (updated!)

Roger Almvik|19/04/2023

A growing interest in (violence) risk assessment beyond mental health care

A Ainslie Senz and colleagues from Melbourne, Austalia, has recently published an article "Development, implementation and evaluation of a process to recognise and reduce aggression and violence in an Australian emergency department". The article is available online here 

Key findings were One percent of patients were assessed as high violence risk with a further 4% at moderate risk. The introduction of the Brøset Violence Checklist increased documentation of violence risk assessment. It also improved staff perception of organisational support and awareness of behaviours associated with the risk of violence. There was a statistically significant reduction in unplanned OVA-related security responses. There was also a statistically significant shift to proactive management through early detection and intervention. 

Also, a recent publication by Recsky & colleagues in Canada might be very useful: A rapid review on "Evidence-Based Approaches to Mitigate Workplace Violence From Patients and Visitors in Emergency Departments"The article can be found here 


Roger Almvik|19/04/2023